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The story of Oil of Dog ends about the time Gary Storm married his first and only wife Linda.  They were marrried live on the radio on WUWU-FM in 1983 and have four children, April, Nathan, Cadance, and Juniper.  This website is dedicated to Storm's wife and children.

This website may be understood as a work of narrative ethnography, created at a time when scholarship of this sort was much less common.  It is probably one of the first Ph.D. dissertations to attempt to analyze the semiotics of such popular culture phenomena as rock'n'roll, progressive radio, and cool.  In addition to being a work of scholarship in its own right, this website, and the original dissertation from which it is drawn, contain a great deal of raw materialotherwise known as field-workthat other scholars may find useful.  Please use the proper citation forms, as indicated on the (forthcoming) "Citation" page of this website.

Most of the events recounted in this website took place before radio stations had CD players, before MTV revolutionized the way people participate with music, before hiphop became part of the mainstream, and before anyone but military strategists and computer dweebs had an inkling of the internet's potential.  It is literally from a different world than the one we flounder in now.

The author holds a J.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he previously earned a Ph.D. in English. He plays viola and writes songs with the rock band Firecat of Discord.  He also plays guitar and writes and records songs for children and songs not for children.  In addition to his radio career, Storm's previous and current lives include surviving as a substitute teacher, a high school English teacher, a taxi driver, an encyclopedia salesman, a telemarketer, a Tribal Law professor, an undergraduate English professor, a record store clerk, an independent scholar, an insurance defense attorney, a judicial clerk, a landlord, a stock investor, a clerk at Borders, a manufacturer of women’s apparel, and a water-law attorney.

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